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Actions speak louder than words

We Are Dedicated To Unite & Inspire

The Aura Ion Foundation unites people from all walks of life and inspires them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity. Seeding Hope in the hearts of those who need it most, having a clear Vision about the truth around them and offering Help through our volunteering programs.

School Backpacks
Christmas Shoeboxes
Pieces of Furniture

We Are Dedicated To Unite & Inspire

Simply put, we devote our energy to passionately help the Under-Represented members of Romania & the United Kingdom.

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As part of our Educational program, our latest project is a simple idea to help poor, children in Romania & UK. 

Each rucksack will be filled with stationery, learning resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, so they can express themselves and above all learn. We also hope to add some additional treats!

Knowledge is everything

Our Projects


Give to Education

We ensure all children and teachers are equipped… 


Vision in a backpack

Every child deserves the right to education…


Add colour

Let’s add colour to the school environment

“There will always be something much more urgent than
protecting the well-being of children. But it will never
be something more important.”

Meet the

Mariana Ciuca


Peter Knight

Director of Operations

Our Mission

To work along communities to end hunger and poverty and act as a catalyst for developing a culture of respecting and helping one another. We will create opportunities for learning and working together towards a common goal, encouraging people to take an active role in establishing their own community empowerment.

Our Vision

To be BRILLIANT at removing POVERTY, within deprived areas. To be the BEST at providing free clinic SERVICES, without discrimination, which enhance quality of life through the delivery of competent and compassionate healthcare to those who are impoverished, isolated, and undeserved. To be BETTER at providing the necessary resources for schools to give the best EDUCATION to kids.
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Our Philosophy

We see our organisation as part of a larger effort to bring together people to address HEALTHCARE, POVERTY AND EDUCATION issues in their community and see those communities transformed for a better, smarter and healthier future.

Who are we

The ‘Aura Ion Foundation’ is a non-profit organisation officially formed April 2015. We aim to unite people from all walks of life and inspire them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity. (Company number: 9544768)
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