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Upgrading Facilities - Donate One Square Meter of flooring

We never tire of giving joy, help and smiles. Every day is a new opportunity to do good and bring a smile to a young person. For us, the well-being of children and teachers, who take care of their education, is the main goal that builds real charity projects and brings together the altruism and generosity of each individual.

Each school has constant needs, necessities and maintenance, which together increase the well-being of children and make each educational institution a suitable place for the development and evolution of everyday children. Some rural schools have severe damage to the interior and exterior due to the passage of time and the lack of a serious renovation, from the renewal of school supplies (benches, chairs, blackboards, desks, computers) to the replacement of old flooring, whitewashing and redeveloping classrooms. Thus, due to these defects that many rural schools have, for children school is no longer the environment where they can cultivate their new information and skills, but is a strange place, unfriendly and miserable, where most of the class hours are spent with a lot of torment. Teachers do not have the equipment or materials necessary to carry out their activity in a natural way.

A clean, neat classroom, equipped with all the necessary equipment and useful materials, newly renovated completely changes the vision of education, school and teaching.

In order to support the education and needs of children, the Aura Ion Foundation takes steps in this regard, raising money, donating, involving people in charities and encouraging the performance of voluntary acts welcomed with open arms by beneficiaries.

The project "Together We Colour Schools" talks about the many shortcomings of some rural schools and highlights the sacrifices that most children have to make to learn, enduring unfavorable conditions for the development of a normal educational course. The project helps rural schools with school supplies (benches, chairs, blackboards, desks, computers) and cash donations to completely renovate the classrooms (whitewashing, replacing the old flooring, where teachers work with students.

The campaign Donate a square meter of flooring aims to renovate the classrooms of the "Gala Galaction" school in the village of Didești, so that children there can enjoy the right to education in a friendly and healthy environment. With outside help, we managed to renovate the computer room, replacing the very old and smelly floor and equipping it with new furniture and computers that students can use during class. We have managed to do all this with your help, providing children with an environment conducive to learning and educational development.

But many other classrooms in the school in Didești lack the modern ventalation and safety offered by new floors and pieces of furniture. The school in Didești has been operating since 1850 and has not undergone many renovations since then. The floors are old and swollen, have not been changed and do not provide much safety to students and teachers in the school, as they are at risk of injury. The Aura Ion Foundation wants to go further with this initiative, renovating all the classrooms in the school in Didești and continuing to instil the feeling of security and prosperity in the souls of the children who study there. The amount allocated for the renovation of a single class is £500. We have little left and we manage to raise enough money to continue this project.

If you believe in this project and the importance of education and want to donate any amount of money in the following ways, and we will make the necessary purchases to give children a chance at education, despite these difficult times.

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