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Vision In A Backpack

''Once you learn to read, you will be free forever.'' Frederick Douglas

Every child is a source of creativity and perseverance. That is why, regardless of the environment from which it comes, every child has access and the right to education, this being the main road that can ensure a future. In this sense, in some regions certain children are deprived of this right due to factors such as: lack of financial opportunities, poverty, family problems.

The Aura Ion Foundation aims to help disadvantaged children in rural areas because it is part of the next generation that will represent our country in various circumstances and because each child has sufficient abilities and skills that must be honed and highlighted for you would be together in finding your own path and your own development.

Between June and July 2020, the charity helped 400 children from rural areas from 12 villages in Teleorman, Prahova and Mureș counties. The help consisted of packages with supplies, equipped backpacks, toys, books and necessary food for children to use in the process of learning and personal and educational development. The beneficiary schools that enjoyed the small attentions and the great joys for the children were:

Secondary school “Anghel Manolache Scrioastea”

Secondary school Ciuperceni

Secondary school Beuca

Secondary school Ciolăneşti

Secondary school Gala Galaction - Didesti

Secondary school Balaci

Secondary school Nr.1 Dobrotești

Secondary school Nr.2 Merișani

Secondary school Marin Preda - Siliștea Gumești

Kindergarden - communes of Cerașu, Slon and Valea Borului

School - Mures County

Secondary school Dracsane commune

In this voluntary approach full of valuable surprises for the little champions, they were with us and helped us sponsor, whom we want to thank for the generous gestures by donating food, supplies, clothes, toys, the result being seen on the faces of hundreds of children who smiled and who gained confidence and courage to continue their own path confident and motivated.

Banca pentru alimente - donations of milk, juice and croissants;

Autonom - van rental for transporting donations;

ConceptMag - reduced price offer for supplies and backpacks;

Aura Ion Foundation UK - donations of supplies, personal hygiene products;

Banca de haine  - donations of clothes, toys and books;

Individual donors - cash donations;

But the campaign does not stop here. It will take place in August, continuing until the end of October, but for that we still need your help. Donations of supplies or money represent a child's chance at education. Be the one to offer it!

We also need help for the project "Superhero of education of rural children", another project for the benefit of disadvantaged children in rural areas. The changes in education that these uncertain times have brought have serious consequences, especially for these children, who do not have high-performance technology that will allow them to benefit from online education. To achieve this project, we need your involvement: Be the superhero of rural children, donating any kind of IT equipment with which children can participate in online courses, and make sure that they will not be deprived of the right to education!

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