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With Love for Our Sister

“This page is dedicated to Aura Ion.These words are a celebration of Aura’s life and spirit. For those who did not get a chance to know Aura, I want to express to you just how amazing, unique and beautiful she was. I will never stop fighting in keeping my sisters memory alive.Thank you for taking the time to read about my inspirational sister.”  Mariana Ciuca


About Aura

From a young age, Aura was a creative, bright and determined girl who aspired to become a doctor. Aura always had a positive outlook on the world. She was able to find the humour in almost all situations, making jokes, and lightening the mood for everyone around her. Aura was sweet, supportive, loving and encouraging. Before her death, Aura was starting to come into her own and expressing herself as she always imagined – Aura’s ambitions were becoming reality and she was growing into the young woman she always wanted to be.
She was just on the verge of realising her dreams and was looking to continue further into her medical career. She had found her wings and was ready to move onto the next chapter in her life. Aura was a positive influence on many in her life and the loss of her has been devastating and felt in so many peoples lives.
In her own distinctive way she was reserved, she managed to touch those around her; even those who were not open or mature enough to understand her ideology. If I wouldn’t have been close to her, I think I wouldn’t have understood the values she lived life. Often Aura told me that she didn’t understand some of her colleagues, I’m sure being very much more mature was the reason.
She wasn’t cold or meaningless, if that was not enough only one glance accompanied by raising her eyebrows and cheekbones, I’d realise that she strikes a positive feeling. I enjoyed enormously that unique gesture, as if a token of appreciation. When she laughed, it was with all her heart, her entire face lit up. Aura demanded respect and I think that was misunderstood among others, I’m in my own way reserved, but I wanted so much to hug her sometimes, despite her protests.
Aura use to start a revolution in the heart of every soul that she encountered. I have no doubt that if she would have achieved doctor status, she would had been loved by her patients, and the type of doctor you remember in a prayer, not just because you get treated and cured, but because she would have made you feel good. The type of feeling deep inside your soul, you would be content and self-assured. Whatever career path Aura took her influence would have been the same.
Aura did not know how to be insignificant, whatever action she took seemed to always be important and unique. Everyone was touched around her, some young and inexperienced souls, learnt so much in her company. Rank of Lieutenant and doctor can not summarise her, these are just signs of her impact on us.
Aura shown humanity in the true sense of the word, even with all the childish things she’s done (which were few and acknowledged). Moreover, she believed in development and evolution, without actually acknowledging it, in the eyes of us however, we could see it bright and clear. I enjoyed the speech that her Uni colleague give, at the funeral, I felt like other people have enjoyed her presence, and that she did great things wherever she went.
Beyond what she has done for this world and what she could have done if she had the chance, I would have liked for all her dreams and desires to come true. To go to the mountains, to travel, to love. Everything that would have been meant for her and all she would have enjoyed. It hurts me that she left without meeting the fulfilment of her dreams.
This morning, after all the hell of the past few days, I woke up with the feeling of gratitude, that I got to know her, as I had the privilege to have in my life such a unique soul, so unrepeatable…”

She will be missed

“She will be missed as a sister, daughter, friend, colleague and granddaughter. She will live on in our memory, as a guide and inspiration.”

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