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Be A Digital Superhero For The Children Of The Village

Cheerful, enthusiastic, lively, optimistic, organised with a fully equipped school backpack, wearing the new uniform that announces a new beginning. This is what a happy child looks like, ready to enter a welcoming class ready to educate them and teach the secrets of a stable future. A child's first steps towards education are the first chance towards a better and more responsible life.

It is education that builds us and harmonises us with the situation and sudden changes that the contemporary society in which we live suffers. Education is the ticket to happiness, knowledge, development, evolution and civilisation. It represents the business card of every individual who wants a better and more beautiful life.

Every day brings new obstacles and difficulties that only together we will be able to solve. Covid19 has represented, represents and will represent the challenge that the year 2020 will face. That is why, even in this crisis situation, more than ever we must remain united and give everyone an equal chance at education. Given the current context facing the whole world, the Aura Ion Foundation does not give up and wants more than ever to help disadvantaged children in rural areas with the necessary equipment for the most favorable and natural course that to provide children with the knowledge they need for life.

During this period, having digital knowledge is a great advantage, because the days in the country is facing make us much more flexible and more flexible to the changes that take place every day. In this sense, digital knowledge is what often saves us from unforeseen situations and can even give us a helping hand to learn and to be able to build a more beautiful and safer future for every child who wants it. Sending an e-mail, writing a document in a program, creating a folder are simple basics that may sound totally unknown to some children or teachers. The Aura Ion Foundation came to their aid with an E-learning program that aims to teach the basics of the suite of applications GSuite for Education, especially Google Classroom and how it can be accessed from the by teachers.

The campaign "Be a Digital Superhero for the children of the village" aims to reintegrate a number of 100 disadvantaged children in the educational process and in the team they were part of before Covid-19, by equipping them with a tablet connected to the Internet or any device that would allow them to participate in online classes. In the first stage of this campaign, we managed to distribute no less than 50 tablets and laptops to students in five schools, so that their chance at education is not lost due to circumstances beyond their control.

For this project to have continuity, we need your involvement! Help us distribute another 50 laptops and tablets to children and teachers in five other rural schools in the second phase of this campaign! These schools are unable to provide teachers and students with the IT equipment needed to conduct online classes, but you can help. Donate any kind of IT equipment, new or used, and these children and teachers will not miss the chance to be educated and educated due to the unfavourable circumstances generated by the pandemic.

You can get involved by donating the following:

  1. 3G / 4G phones that work and can connect to the internet so children and teachers can attend online school

  2. Functional 3G / 4G tablets with internet access

  3. Functional laptops

  4. Sim Cards connected to the internet to make it easier for children to access education in an online environment

  5. Various computer equipment, such as functional PCs, monitors, headphones, keyboards, mice, cables, or any other auxiliary equipment

  6. Supplies such as A4 sheets, notebooks, writing and colouring tools and any other tools that children can use in the learning process

If you believe in this project and the importance of education and want to donate any devices or supplies that would make life easier for children and teachers in rural areas, please fill out the following form:

Also, if you want to help, but do not have IT equipment or supplies that you want to donate, any cash donation is well received and extremely useful for the educational path of disadvantaged children in rural areas. You can help by depositing any amount of money in the following ways, and we will make the necessary purchases to give children a chance at education, despite these difficult times.

Via Bank Transfer: 

Bank: Barclays

Name: Aura Ion Foundation

Account No: 33740250

Sort Code: 20-13-34


Via Facebook:

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