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Help Madalin attend school

The pleasure of really great people is to make people happy," said Blaise Pascal. This quote implicitly represents the motto according to which the Aura Ion Foundation guides its entire activity towards helping and solving all the problems they face, especially children from rural areas who present a precarious financial and social situation, which does not allow them to harmonious and favorable development that ensures a quiet life. Donations, campaigns and projects are the main levers through which the charity managed to restore the smile and courage of many children who needed support to fulfill their desires and needs.

Who is Madalin? He is 14 years old boy and studies at Maldaeni school from Teleorman county in Romania. This is a diligent rural young man, eager to go to school and receive the best education he can get. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, there is something that makes Madalin special. Unfortunately, he cannot move alone and needs a wheelchair for this action that most of us do without problems every day.

In addition to the fact that the wheelchair donated by the Motivation Foundation had remained small and needed constant repairs, it was not efficient enough to allow Madalin to travel alone, every day, the two kilometers between his home and school.

For this he needed his mother, who gathered all the energy she had to push her son to school on a road dotted with potholes and steep slopes. But the woman's health did not remain intact as a result of these efforts, because, in an attempt to give her child a chance at education, Madalin's mother began to have great back pain, thus sacrificing herself.

At Christmas, Madalin wrote a letter to Santa asking him with all his heart to fulfil his wish to receive a more efficient chair with which he could travel alone to school. At the end of the letter, he said that he was "a good child and would not harm anyone.”

Well, we, the Aura Ion Foundation, together with your help and that of our generous sponsors, managed to fulfil Madalin's dream and make life easier for both him and his mother. In just a few days, we managed to raise over 2000 euros, funds that allowed us to purchase an electric wheelchair that Madalin will be able to use to travel daily to his school. Ever since he heard the wonderful news, the boy has been more than happy and eager to take possession of the chair that will put an end to his mother's daily efforts to transport him to school. From now on, the boy will be able to go to school alone, which he longed for to alleviate both his mother's physical and emotional pain.

Every gesture, donation, smile, help represents a built brick that forms the whole foundation of a child who can start resolutely towards the fulfilment of his own dreams. Just as we helped Madalin fulfil his own dream, so you can build with small steps the beginning of a future child who needs help and support. Help as much as you can.

In all this altruistic approach, we were joined by other charities and people who made possible the fulfilment of Madalin's wish to be able to move with the help of an electric wheelchair. For all donations and grants, thank you on this occasion:

Ioana Cene for the help offered, thus managing to raise the necessary funds

Motivation SRL - Motishop for assistance and help to enable us to purchase and deliver this electric chair to Madalin;

Aura Ion Foundation UK for organising the fundraising campaign;

Aura Ion Association that supports the education of children in rural areas;

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