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 Simply put, we devote our energy to passionately help the Under-Represented members of Romania & the United Kingdom.

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Together for education - Actions speak louder than words

 The Aura Ion Foundation unites people from all walks of life and inspires them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity. Seeding Hope in the hearts of those who need it most, having a clear Vision about the truth around them and offering grass root support through our educational programs.

Since our creation in 2015, we helped improve the lives of more than 10,000 children.

4000 School Backpacks

Enabled 4,000 children to attend school with fully equipped school backpacks

5,000 Christmas Gift-boxes

Our Annual ‘Christmas Gift Box’ appeal has given over 5000 ‘Shoebox’ size Giftboxes to children during magical Christmas events along with the team travelling to remote rural villages making sure all boxes were handed directly.

4,000 Pieces of Furniture

Supported 15 rural schools, providing over 4000 pieces of furniture which included vital replacements of chairs & desks to pedestals, dedicated Computer desks in IT&C labs.

500 Computers & Tablets

Delivery of refurbished computers into rural schools, especially as the COVID-19 our new focus has been supplying the urgent need for cellular based technology (tablets, laptops) to close the dangerous gap of digital inequity in learning.

20,000kg Donations

Transported from Bristol to Romania over 20,000kg of food, toys, books & clothing supporting thousands of children, young people and families with vital relief.

2,000 Books

Installed a library (Aurelia Ion Library) within a school in Teleorman, Romania with over 2000 books.

Can you help us?

There are so many ways you can support the Aura Ion Foundation. You could donate to a specific appeal – such as our most recent COVID 19 TABLET APPEAL – or you can give to our general fundraising fund which goes to where the need is greatest and covers all our educational projects.

You could learn about the benefits of monthly giving or text to donate. You can also give via social media pages or fundraise to raise money in other ways.


As part of our Educational program, we address the growing core symptom of education deprivation for children in Romania & UK of the lack of quality school supplies and learning materials.

‘Vision In A Backpack’ is dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement, providing children facing disadvantage with fully equipped school backpacks. Each bag is filled with high quality stationery and learning materials which enabled each child to express themselves and above all learn.

[ LEARN MORE ] – VISION IN A BACKPACK PAGE (under projects menu)


The current coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the life of every child in the area we support in some way. There is no denying that the supplying vital educational tools such as notebooks, stationery and supplies creates much improvement in the children’s ability to learn – they still face a colossal challenge of learning remotely.

To provide young people with the essential items that will enable students and teachers to focus on what’s important: learning and creating a sustainable future out of poverty.’ ​

Knowledge is everything 


Give to Education

We explore the practical ways Improving the well-being of children living in poverty

Vision in a backpack

We focus on the growing core symptom of deprivation due the lack of educational supplies.

Add colour

We address the large disparities in education infrastructure for rural schools

Join us in creating a better world for children in Romania and in the UK

“There will always be something much more urgent than protecting the well-being of children. But it will never be something more important.”