VISION IN A BAG – Sept 2016

 Our volunteer led project reaches out to the “forgotten, poorest, or disadvantaged children in Romania this new School year.

Thanks to your generosity in 2015, we will once again aim to deliver an amazing amount of  fully pack school bags & smiles!

People Donated
Bags Funded


The contents of a child’s school rucksack are often taken for granted due to the ease of their availability and affordability. Can you imagine how different your own childhood would have been without these simple learning tools?

“VISION IN A BAG” is a simple idea to help poor, disadvantaged children in Romania. Each rucksack will be filled with high quality stationery, learning resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour & calculate, so they can express themselves and above all learn. We also hope to add some additional treats

In low-income areas of Romania, school supplies, including pens & paper are a luxury. Most of the young children in these areas are presented with a small bag of extremely limited, mismatched school supplies if at all.

Kids deserve better than that. They deserve to have access to the school supplies needed to learn. They should be surrounded by good books, convenient supplies, and the materials necessary to conduct projects and experiments.

Students who aren’t given the necessary school supplies (such as an up-to-date math book, a working calculator, and plenty of paper) can become frustrated and have a difficult time in class. Readily available school supplies let students and teachers focus on what’s really important: learning.

Our “Vision In A Bag” has the power to transform a child’s life – the very Bag you help fund could help create a future doctor, politician, humanitarian, or even your future collegue.

Example items in our 2015 bag?

  • Rucksack
  • Dandy Pencil Case
  • Dandy Paper Document Folder
  • Berol Handwriting School Set
  • Sharpie Black Fire Felt Tip Pens
  • Rotring Tikky 0.50mm Mechanical Pencils
  • A4 & A5 Notepooks
  • Paper
  • Wash Bag
  • Colgate Medium Toothbrush
  • Colgate Toothpaste
  • A few additional treats & Toys

Can you help us create a smile?

Level 1

  • Level 1 – 1
  • Level 1 – 2
  • Level 1 – 3
  • Level 1 – 4

Level 2

  • Level 2 -1
  • Level 2 -2
  • Level 2 -3
  • Level 2 -4

Level 3

  • Level 3-1
  • Level 3-2
  • Level 3-3
  • Level 3-4

Level 4

  • Level 4-1
  • Level 4-2
  • Level 4-3
  • Level 4-4

Level 5

  • Level 5-1
  • Level 5-2
  • Level 5-3
  • Level 5-4

BIG thanks to everyone that funded in 2015

We would like to express our warmest gratitude to all those that helped make 2015 such a successful project.

On September 16 2015, 30 fully equipped rucksacks with high quality school supplies were distributed by the volunteers of [Asociația Aura Ion] to the Community Center of Social Services ” Patriarch Justinian Marina” Bucharest.