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The Sanlam Bristol + Bath Marathon takes you city to city from the vibrant bustling city of Bristol, 26.2 Miles to the elegant Roman Spa city of Bath

What are we raising fund for?

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All of us at the Aura Ion Foundation need your help, as this year, in December we have 3 shoebox appeals.

Together we will bring a little of the joy of Christmas to the children in the orphanages in Bucharest, Romania. For us, Christmas is a time of giving and joy, for them, Christmas brings pain with little to celebrate only cold and loneliness. This year they may have even less than ever before.

The Christmas message is one of “caring, sharing and giving” it is often lost in our Christmas rush. We would like to offer you the chance to think of others, worse off than ourselves, to experience the real joy of giving and perhaps to appreciate everything we will or might have this Christmas.

This year, let’s make a real difference for a child in a very practical way; why not bring them a little of the Joy of Christmas in your “Gifts from overseas’ as part of your Christmas celebration. By doing so you, your friends and family may rediscover the joy of giving, filled and wrapped in your own piece of Christmas spirit.

You can give a gift of dreams that will bring delight, wonder, smiles and laughter for weeks to come. Help them feel someone cares by simply filling a shoebox with a gift or toy perhaps a few things to keep them warm, clean and happy, wrapped with love, in bright Christmas paper.

Our volunteer led shoebox project reaches out to these “forgotten, poorest, or abandoned children in an orphanage this Christmas.

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I decided to take on this challenge and run in my sisters memory, Aura Ion, she was a very bright and courageous person. For those who did not get a chance to know Aura, I want to express to you just how amazing, unique and beautiful she was. I will never stop fighting in keeping my sisters memory alive.

I shall be raising money for the Aura Ion Foundation, hoping to gain some sponsorship on our latest project; Smiles in a box, addressed to three disadvantaged categories in Romania: orphans , homeless people and elderly.

Christmas is coming….and of cause the most nostalgic time of year when the smell of the quality street, the twinkling of Christmas lights, and the good cheer and warmth of spirit in the atmosphere help us rekindle our own childhood memories.

Thinking back you must recall finding it almost impossible to contain your excitement on days leading up to Christmas and the full range of emotions you experience in the hope Santa delivers the most wanted toy.I hope a little smile and happiness in your soul has just occurred reading this very line.
Being sent to bed on Christmas eve on more excitement you have felt before, knowing you have the inability to fall asleep for just in a few hours away you will descend upon a new day that comes alive with lights and tinsel, music, treats, and of course that a magical unwrapping of paper which reveals the most wonderful gifts left by Santa.

Unfortunately this isn’t the story for many.
Imagine now that same period of you life, but your parents have abandoned you, imagine that your family can’t give you more than the necessary food to survive or imagine that you are completely forgotten on a street or by a canal. The excitement of trying to fall asleep for this scenario is weather the cardboard shelter will remain dry in the morning.

The Aura Ion Foundation gives you the opportunity to carryout some spontaneous acts of kindness and “Be Santa Claus for those in need!”

Mariana Ciuca, Aura Ion Foundation

Bristol to Bath Marathon Oct 2015

Donations are incredibly important to us, we rely on people like you to help us support vital projects. With your generous donations, together we can make a difference.

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