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It’s time for a new project!

Aura Ion Foundation has emerged into a new journey for doing good and sharing our passion with cheerful volunteers and generous people whom donate for our causes.

We are planning to raise money for a wonderful project a Romanian charity is running for unfortunate kids from the orphanages,

The charity organizing this is Asociatia Fluens !

Top Questions

At the end of June.
Our target is to sponsor at least 4 kids to attend this camp.
The cost of sending one kid in this camp is £16.
Contact us http://www.auraion.co.uk/contact/
This year we intend to reward the 45 of the children with whom we work in Fluens Association projects a week of fun activities and personal development at Bisoca, Buzau county in Romania. Each of them deserves this opportunity and we want to offer the opportunity to learn more about them, socialize and be involved in activities that give them a different perspective than the one they encounter daily in the social centers they live.
Asociatia Fluens

The plan is to raise as much money to be able to send 45 kids in an educational summer camp at the end of June.

The cost of sending one child to this camp is £16. Our target is to sponsor at least 4 kids to attend.

This cost will cover the transport, accommodation and meals for a week!

The Money will be donated to a Romanian based charity and raised through our Non-profit organisation here in UK: Aura Ion Foundation.

In order to raise money for this charitable project, 4-5 of us are running the Bristol 10k event at the end of the week.

Please contact us if you want to donate or get involved.

Thank you!


Donations for this particular event.

Donations are incredibly important to us, we rely on people like you to help us support vital projects.
With your generous donations, together we can make a difference.
Funded Places
People Donated
Miles Ran
Money Raised £

What did we achieve?

  • First fundraising partnership with “Asociatia Fluens”
  • Raised £180 funds to sponsor 11 children to attend,
  • 6 people donated: Stephen Baynton (2 kids), Cristian Paul Ghinda (2 kids), Andreea Bumbac (1 kid), Louisa Stone (1kid), Pete Knight (2 kids), Mariana Ciuca (4 kids).
  • Out of the 45 spaces available, Aura Ion Foundation sponsored 11 kids from the Romanian orphanages to attend this summer camp.