Neuropsychological Center for Children Diagnosed with Cancer

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need about £ 9000 to open this center.
  • Money goes to supplies, psychological tests needed, rent for the place and other facilities invoices. Because this project will run in Romania, unfortunately, we can’t approach companies that produce psychological tests worldwide like Pearson, PAR because they have these tests mostly in English and we need them in Romanian. We’ve reached local companies that have translated and adapted those tests on Romanian population and are willing to offer discounts so each penny is important to keep the center alive!
  • We will open this center even if we don’t reach this goal. We will use every penny to make better many children with cancer. We hope to raise as much as we can to keep it open for the longest time possible.


Psychological services are very expensive in Romania.

On private practices, one hour of psychotherapy starts from  € 25 , when the majority of people have salaries between €200-300 . The National State Insurance doesn’t want to reimburse directly psychologists for their services offered, even though the individual is paying a monthly fee to the state insurance. Each psychologist must close contracts with doctors that get reimbursed for their psychological services. In this case, the patient is unable to choose his psychologist. The patient is forced to go to the psychologist contracted by his doctor, even though this means a violation of his right to choose the psychologist.

Extreme Low Budgets

The extreme low budgets offered for the health system also caused a lack of psychologists in hospitals. Therefore, the patient diagnosed with cancer, with extremely limited financial resources, spent mostly on medication and medical supplies, is unable to find support, remains with cognitive deficits after chemotherapy and radiation and barely have a neuropsychological treatment available.

Free neuropsychological services to children in Romania, a country that barely has these services.
Aura Ion Foundation

Step-by-Step plan

Our Plan to Help Children and their Families
As it does in infants and toddlers, a comforting touch from mom and dad can help ease pain in older children as well.

1. Find a location to open the center – Step accomplished.
2. Buy supplies for the center consisting in licensed psychological tests
3. Find funds to pay the monthly rent (approximately €50-70  per month)
4. Organize treatment sessions for patients
5. Find volunteers, honorary assistant psychologists, therapy assistants that will be part of the therapeutic process

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October 2015
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We understand fundraising is not always enjoyable; only so many times you can ask family & friends, but our main aim on this event is to represent the Aura Ion Foundation and spread the word of our projects.
Aura Ion Foundation
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Help us raise £9000!

Neuropsychological evaluation objective:

Assessing competencies and different areas of cognition and their possible impairments in areas like memory, attention, language, visualization function, executive function (decision-making, behavior, planning skills).

Such psychometric testing methods allow accurate assessment of cognitive disorders, a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the current cognitive and afeffective state. Unlike imaging techniques, test results also provide information about the extent and nature of the deficiency, identify neuropsychological issues associated with neurological disorders, effects of chemotherapy and radiation on brain.

Helping a child in PAIN

Unleash The Power of Giving
Donate and offer beautiful, forever imprinted memories for children in need of HELP.

Inexistent services

Neuropsychological services are almost unavailable in Romania. They are provided by one of our members on the Neurological Ward at Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest.

Unfortunately that ward is dedicated to children with neurological problems that require surgery. Therefore, many other children with cancer not related to nervous system are left without those services


Neuropsychology Services
The community-based Neuropsychology Service should provide therapy and rehabilitation for patients with neurological disorders as well as support for their families and carers.

The Center

Will provides neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation to children who have an acquired brain injury or other neurological disorder.
Patients with chemo brain start to forget things they usually have no trouble recalling, they have concentration troubles (can’t focus on what they’re doing, short attention span), they don’t remember names, details, larger events, have issues with multitasking, need more time to finish things, sometimes are unable to find the right words to finish a sentence.

The main tasks carried out by  clinical neuropsychologists include:

  • Assessment of cognitive functioning (e.g. memory, attention, judgement), and treatment and management of cognitive impairment
  • Assessment, treatment and management of mood and emotion
  • Management of behavioural problems
  • Support and education for relatives, carers and other professionals on brain injury and its consequences
  • Research and audit (e.g. evaluations of outcome of rehabilitation).

Chemo brain People that go through the cancer treatment notice a mental cloudiness. Doctors have known for years that radiation treatment to the brain can cause thinking and memory problems. Recently, they have found that chemotherapy is linked to some of the same kinds of problems. Though the brain usually recovers over time, the sometimes vague yet distressing mental changes cancer patients notice are real, not imagined. They might last a short time, or they might go on for years. These changes can make people unable to go back to their school, work, or social activities, or make it so that it takes a lot of mental effort to do so. Chemo brain affects everyday life for many people, and more research is needed to help prevent and cope with it.


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The more money we will raise, the longer will be the time we will provide free neuropsychological services for children with cancer.

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