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Meet Our Directors

Mariana Ciuca
Mariana CiucaDirector and Founder
“My Sister Aura was such an inspiration to me, her life was dedicated to helping others. I’m so fortunate to be able to setup “Aura Ion Foundation” and continue to be able to impact the lives of others in her memory.”
Peter Knight
Peter KnightDirector of Operations
Pete’s role is diverse, he is responsible for conceptualizing, developing and delivering projects that allows us to meet our ambitious goals.

Our Valuable Team

Lucri Ion
Lucri IonCommunity Project & Fundraiser (Romania)
Lucri is responsible for promoting and delivering our projects in Romania, she also develops new oppotunities to help and add value to the community.
Luc’s Work
Madalina Simion
Madalina SimionInternational Foundation Manager
Responsible for the organisation and management of HR / Administrative, logistics and financial processes required ensuring our “HEALTH” programme functions effectively and with integrity.

Madelina runs the Neuropsychological Center for Children Diagnosed with Cancer, in which the; Aura Ion Foundation (UK) & Associa Aura Ion (Romania) help fund.

Daniel Horhogea
Daniel HorhogeaAmbassador
Daniel, has agreed to become our first ambassador. He has been running in Aura’s name since 2014 and represented many charities on his runs.

Its always a cliche to say; but its been a journey, and I’m actually only at the beginning.
Mariana Ciuca, Founder

Our history is short: we’ve known each other for a few years, we instantly became great friends. We have endured amazing adventures together, made each other laugh and experienced the highs and lows of becoming who we are today.

Mariana inspires me each day, It’s amazing to see someone putting herself completely out there and offering everything and asking nothing in return. If there is one thing she has taught me is that we can make a difference, if we just change our wording from “me” to “we.

I have been so moved by my friend’s story, when she asked if I would like be part of the Aura Ion Foundation from day one, I was extremely thankful and privileged to say yes.

Peter Knight, Director