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Lucri Ion Work of Art

Lucri Ion 2

About Lucri:

“I want to take people’s minds through my art, not their eyes. Because if you see something that is not weird in a way you will consider that is beautiful, you will forget it eventually.

Is like something is staring you in the face, it catches your eyes and then you forget it. It did not touch you, did not let a scar on you. I want people to identify with my art, to make them think or question themselves.

I strongly believe art is not for decorating apartments or to hang it nicely on the wall to look good. Art is an act of war, an expression of rage, but mostly, sincere emotion. Is not a riot, is rage. But what other people really want is to make money off of you and to hang you in the living room with the fancy security system. So, make something truthful that’s in your own language. My art is to be seen, appreciated, and maybe then to be understood in its intensity, so it may change your way of seeing things, because if it touches you, it changes you.

The way you judge art, it defines you as a man. So if I ask about art, I’d probably not give the skinny on every art book ever written, because you would see the cocky, scared, terrified kid who’s afraid to live. I would tell you that I do this! Time after time, after time! I follow all this grotesque routine! And then I wake up and I’m empty! I have nothing. But I take it out of me, because it devours me…

That’s how you know it’s art, you cannot not do it. It’s not a riot, it’s rage. It’s unstoppable.”

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