In low-income areas of Romania, school supplies are a luxury. Most of the young children in these areas are presented with a small bag of limited, mismatched school supplies.

Kids deserve better than that. They deserve to have access to the school supplies needed to learn. They should be surrounded by good books, convenient supplies, and the materials necessary to conduct projects and experiments.

Students who aren’t given the necessary school supplies (such as an up-to-date math book, a working calculator, and plenty of paper) can become frustrated and have a difficult time in class. Readily available school supplies let students and teachers focus on what’s really important: learning.

You can help kids have a better education by donating school supplies to a classroom in need.

Give Kids the School Supplies They Really Need

Thank you for your interest in assisting us by making a financial, school or office supply donation.  We welcome your desire to help us make a difference. As we are currently run these project to primary school age children, we also are including toys & gifts and we are facilitating the donation of all supplies to needy and deserving schools.

Please note that we particularly welcome your donations of new school, office and related supplies. Generally as we aim to supply each child within the class a dedicated pack,  funds are used to purchase “new” here in the UK or Romania and shipped accordingly.

It’s easy to donate to our education supplies project. Simply choose the way that fits you best:

  • Donate Supplies: If you already have school and office supplies that you do not need (regardless of the quantity), please contact us. If we are in the right place we can arrange the collection.
  • Donate Money: Please use the donate button and we can continue to supply to schools in Romania

Our Standard Pack will contain;

  • Backpack
  • Calculator
  • Spiral bound, composition and other notebooks
  • Binders
  • Colored pencils, crayons and markers
  • Ruler with English and metric measurements
  • Colored pens
  • Erasers
  • Pencil boxes / cases
  • Glue sticks
  • Graph paper
  • Pens and pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Books (story, coloring)
  • Gift (toys, sweets etc)



The library opened in “Aura’s name”

In September 2014, honouring Aura Ion’s memory, her family set up a library  in their grandparents village, where as they were kids they spend a lot of their school holidays.

The Library was launched at the beginning of the new school year, and at this festive opening the family and friends gathered to remember her as a student and donated education supplies pack to the newbies starting school that year,

Aura Ion was very fond of reading and she spent much of her time doing this.

By launching this Library the family wanted to take her dream further and share her love of reading with the less privileged children in poor communities across Romania.

Aura loved books, and one summer she decided to read 40 books, something which she achieved in the end, because she was very ambitious student and she always prioritised the things that really mattered to her.

The library was named ” Lieutenant. Aurelia Ion Library ‘! The Library has more than 2,000 books, most of them came from the family’s private library and from donations. These books are now used by the children studying in this school and by local people.

Aura’s family donated over 1,000 books to the  Merisani Village Elementary School, Teleorman, Romania. These books came from their personal library, and many of them were read by Aura. Some of them have little written memories of her time spent reading .

This Library is the first to be launched in this village and will be a true asset for the community, as we know the children in these remote villages don’t have access to books and internet as other kids from the main cities in Romania,

At the same time the family gathered a large number of books, which were donated by numerous people and raised significant donations which were used to buy shelves from IKEA in order to store these books.

In this period, the family worked closely with the Romanian Consulate in Bristol, through their trust ‘’From Bristol with Love’’ – they  contributed with over 200 books, a TV set, Video recorder and dozens of VHS video cassettes.

All of these books were used to establish the first library in this school and in the village.